Dear visitor!

Our farm is located in a small idyllic village Rigelj over Ortnek in Ribnica at an altitude of 650 m. Rigelj not your normal village, because it consists of only two homesteads. Other villages are scattered in the surrounding area.

We are a family of four. In addition to regular employment and schools (daughters are high schooler and a college student) we are dealing with farm tourism, because we want farmhouse with a long tradition and preserve the beauty of nature in its surroundings to offer for everyone, who wants it.

Open by prior arrangement.

Food is possible by prior arrangement.

Altitude: 650 m
Winter temperatures from -15 * C to +15 * C
Summer temperatures from 5 * C to 33 * C
Size of farm: 16 ha
We speak: Slovenian, German, English, Croatian
Parking is available
It is possible to access by a bus.


There is a branch on the regional road Ljubljana – Ribnica that leads to Ortnek, later to Sveti Gregor . After crossing the railroad tracks after a few turns, you’ll get to the village Praproče and shortly after, you’ll get to the village Maršiči. The road to the church turns left at a 90 degree angle, and from there there is only 200 m until you reach the Rigelj (wooden hayrack), which leads you directly in front of the Tourist farm Oblak (first house on the right).

We are located:

36 km from Ljubljana
12 km from Ribnica
2 km from Ortnek.